We loving gaming, it’s who we are. We create games, apps and merchandise with you in mind. We are first and foremost a gaming company, and thoroughly enjoy what we do. Our team loves gaming, we are gamers ourselves. We want people like you to make us the company you want us to be. We listen, and we always will.

Our goal is to introduce the future of gaming to an entirely new generation of gamers…from children to adults. We have a strong history in gaming and plan to shape our future with the same love and aspiration for gaming that previous generations have experienced. We want you, the NOW generation to be a part of that future

We Create

Lockdown proved to be a challenging time for everyone, us included. But over that time, we have been speaking to designers, developers and others who are leaders in their skillsets about how to get the most out of each product we produce. Because like you, we enjoy gaming.

We have elected to work with talent from all over the world to produce games and apps we can be proud of.


We aim to be around for the next one hundred years as a major player in the gaming community, and we aim to do that by listening to you. The gamers, the geeks, the excitement seekers. Because we are you, We are enthusiastic about what we do.


Let us publish your game

We provide you with complete support and a dedicated team to help your game or app get the recognition it deserves.