So with the expansion of possibilities, its amazing to see what budding young talent is coming up with. We have been embracing a brand new direction for the company, and have been hugely impressed with many of the game designers and developers we have encountered. With pixel art showing itself to be simple, yet effective…a growing number of gamers are embracing the simplicity of gaming. London is a fabulous place to find ourselves because of the talent from places like Germany, Spain, Italy, France, Ukraine, India, Serbia and so much more. It really is the melting pot of Europe…We have been openly criticised for not following the popular trend taken by some larger or better known gaming companies, but we are alright with that. We are not governed by ego’s or money, we are driven by creativity.

Chelsea, London is the birthplace of Genesis Alexander, the CEO of Atari Games…and having his roots based firmly in London, he felt that using the UK as our home base was the perfect place to grow. Well in a post-lockdown Britain, we are seeing things happen which we could never have imagined. London has really embraced us, and we have been working with the UK government on developing a pretty amazing product…but more on that later. (wink)

We love London, we are excited about things happening for us in London this summer, and we will update you all as things unfold.